The Positive Side of a Computer Crash: Reducing the Stress of Clutter

I made a big mistake a few days ago. I have an aging desktop PC. It’s pushing five years old now, but for the most part it’s perfectly capable of handling most tasks associated with blogging. As such, I’ve avoided upgrading, and would love to keep it running as long as possible. I turned on […]

On My Playlist: She Lit A Fire by Lord Huron

Thought I’d share music that I’m currently liking from time to time here. Hat tip to my sister for introducing me to Lord Huron, great band, and really liking this song:

How To Get An RSS Feed From an Instapaper Folder, And Why You Might Want to Do It

Instapaper Folders

Say you find a blog post that you want to read but don’t have the time right now. Instapaper is a tool that allows you to clip and save the article so that you can read it either on the Instapaper site or Instapaper app at a later date. It works great for this purpose […]

Blogging Tip: Be Patient and Persistent When Starting a New Blog

Runblogger Traffic 2009-2011

I just got an email from a reader of my main website ( asking about audience building strategies for a new blog (a running blog in his case). This is a great question, and it’s an issue that almost every blogger must deal with when first starting out. When I first start writing Runblogger I […]

How to Build a Homemade Lego Table

How to build a Lego table

I don’t have a lot of hobbies, but one that has carried over from my childhood is building with legos. My children have all inherited this “gene,” but each has a different variant. Emma loves to build kits and follow the instructions, but she’s not much for playing with them once they’re finished. Anders rarely […]

Move Over Elf on the Shelf, It’s Time to Bring Back Krampus!


It seems that blogging about the Elf on the Shelf is a requirement in the month of December. My Facebook feed has been littered with links to Elf posts that either A) document all of the hijinks that said Elf gets into, or B) explain how much the writer despises the Elf and the work […]

Quitting Academia and Writing About It

Image via nicubunu at Open Clip Art

Back in May I jumped off the ivory tower and left academia. It was a huge and difficult decision to give up tenure, and one that was a long time in the making. It was also a decision that I struggled through mostly on my own. At the time, I wasn’t aware of a lot […]

How to Deal With Blog Content Scraping

Tentblogger RSS Add Footer plugin

A few weeks ago a friend posted a question about content scraping in a Facebook group for running bloggers that I started (you can join here if you’re interested, bloggers of any type are welcome). He had noticed that some of his posts were popping up on another site and was wondering how to deal […]

Hour of Code – Introducing Kids to Computer Programming

Hour of Code 1

I was talking to my wife on the phone yesterday and she said my oldest son Anders (he’s 10 and in 4th grade) was really excited to tell me something. He’s big into Minecraft these days and has been on my case for a long time to start him his own blog. She put him […]

Honesty: A Guiding Principle for Writing Blog Reviews

One of the things that shocked me about becoming a blogger is that when your site gains a bit of a following, brands start to seek you out. You get marked as an “influencer” in marketing-speak, which basically means that you are someone whose opinions drive decision-making when it comes to product purchases. In other words, […]